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The complete platform for elementary school teachers to organize and share their educational resources and ideas with the community.

Our story

It's all about giving back and supporting teachers.

Elemedu started as a side project by two elementary school teachers, Sotiris Liagkas and Nefeli Kostakopoulou, during the COVID-19 lockdowns in Greece, and the website came online on September, 27 2020. Our original goal was to create a simple way to share educational resources and announcements with our students and their families.

Gradually, our focus shifted towards making it easy for every school teacher around the world to share and discover educational resources online. All for free. While doing so, we have always prioritized data privacy and content licensing control.

Two years after launching, Chris Gkrizis joined the team. His technical expertise has been instrumental in the platform's growth and development. In 2023, we introduced new features to help educators find teaching jobs.

Elemedu is still a side project and we continue to work on it in our spare time. Our journey continues to be all about simplifying sharing educational resources and supporting teachers.


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